Bao Fu Ling
Bao Fu Ling
Bao Fu Ling
Bao Fu Ling
Bao Fu Ling

Bao Fu Ling

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Bao Fu Ling known as one of the most famous Chinese medicine, is an ancient skin repair prescription inherited for centuries. The most important feature of Bao Fu Ling is to restore the skin’s self-repair function, effective for inhibition of bacteria. No matter it is burns, scalds, eczema, dermatitis, skin allergies, mosquito bites, sunburn, or acne, as long as it is skin problem, Bao Fu Ling is the cure. Pure herbal medicine extraction, without hormones, can effectively kill the fungi on the skin and in the blood to restore the skin’s self-healing ability.

History of Bao Fu Ling
Once upon a time there was a monk sat in meditation under an old camphor tree, because he was in the wilderness, he had long been exposed to wind, rain and sun, together with mosquito bites, causing ulceration and swelling on his skin, chill and heat were both all over his body. He finally fainted under the old camphor tree, gasping. At that time, a pair of rural couples passing through and found the monk, they took him home. The couple, first of all, soaked some white round objects into the water to dissolve, then dipped the towel into it, gently wiped the wounds on the monk. After a while the skin began to have obvious changes, swelling gradually subsided. Next day the monk gradually woke up, he found his body and his face were completely healed. The monk tried to understand the reason before leaving the couple. In fact, that magical water was the dissolvent of camphor crystals. Since that day, wherever the monk went, he would spread the remedy recipe to local folks. A few hundred years later, Beijing Bao Zhi Tang Medical Research Institute, following Bao Zhi Tang’s ancestral prescription, re-ratio and apply the modern means of purification to develop a product which is effective for various skin problems, this is the origin of BAO FU LING.
As long as it's a skin problems, Bao Fu Ling also can help you. Bao Fu Ling commitment that products are hormone-free and steroid-free.

• Skin allergies
• Athlete's foot
• Chilblains
• Hemorrhoids
• Skin burn & scald
• Insect bites
• Genital infections
• Pruritus
• White herpes
• Acne
• Eczema
• Dermatitis
• Tinea
• Balanitis
• Female genital itching
• Antibacterial itching

SUITABLE FOR: Adults, children, babies


  • Apply the cream to skin for 2-3 minutes, 2-3 times a day.
  • Immediately apply Bao Fu Ling when Scald burns, the effect will be very obvious. If Scald burns has been for some time and has burns blisters, you must prick the blisters first with a sterile needle then only apply the Bao Fu Ling.
  • Does not leave scars. Mosquito bites blistering, immediately apply the cream for immediate results in 1-3 minutes.


  • Bungarus fasciatus, coridaceae, camphora, margaritifera, vitamin E, chlorhexidine, mentholum, birch-me
  • Using natural snake oil, gall bladder and precious herbal extracts, combined with modern technology carefully formulated into a high-tech, surfactant-rich factor and high penetrant.

ORIGIN: Made in China
CAUTION: For external use only. Avoid oral, do not apply on the eye area.
STORAGE: Store in room temperature and dry condition.