Balloon Helicopter (5pcs)
Balloon Helicopter (5pcs)
Balloon Helicopter (5pcs)
Balloon Helicopter (5pcs)
Balloon Helicopter (5pcs)
Balloon Helicopter (5pcs)

Balloon Helicopter (5pcs)

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Entertain your little one for hours with this educational toy! Great for competing with each others! Have a balloon race at the next birthday party, family reunion, church picnic, or other outdoor event. It is really a great choice! 

With the Ballon Helicopter, you are able to teach your children:

  • Newton's three laws of motion
  • Principles of air and flight.
  • Air pressure.

How does it work?

  1. Blow up the balloon and attach the hub to the blade assembly and this jet reaction copter is all set to soar! 
  2. With fresh balloons, it will fly about 2 stories high. Newton`s Third Law has to be applied twice in order to explain the upward motion of the helicopter. The exhausted gases force the fan to rotate, driving the air downward. The reaction of wind, in turn, provides the lifting force for the helicopter.
  3. Blow up the balloon, then toss this 'copter up into the air and watch it soar! A fun science toy! 


  • Made using safe and high quality materials, these balloon-powered helicopters provide plenty of action when you race your friends and family.
  • The balloon helicopter toy turns a normal balloon into a sophisticated flying machine. Extremely easy to set up. Wings are to be attached to the central piece (hub) which is then attached to a balloon
  • Perfect educational toys for kids, great way to learn about flight and gravity - this helicopter uses the theory of converting air pressure in the balloon into kinetic energy to lift it against gravity and fly.
  • Great for parties and kids will love it. Blowing balloons is a favorite activity of any kid in a party. Blowing a balloon that has wings will be even more fun and exciting and challenge your children's imaginations.

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