LED Reading Glasses
LED Reading Glasses
LED Reading Glasses
LED Reading Glasses
LED Reading Glasses
LED Reading Glasses

LED Reading Glasses

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The need for a pair of reading glasses can be a burden on occasions and if you need more light in addition to the natural light then it is a nightmare!? Luckily we have got great news for you, the LED Reading Glasses!

LED Reading Glasses aid you to have a clearer vision with or without the lights. The LED lights have very low voltage consumption yet it is exceedingly bright. They are cleverly positioned at the front of the frame so there will be no glare from the actual LED lights and therefore will not disturb your vision. Now you can read your favorite book anywhere, light or dark and without disturbing anyone! Places such as bedside, public transports, outdoors (like garden) etc would not be an obstacle for reading!

Rather than reading, you can also use this useful pair of glasses on other activities or hobbies such as DIY projects, changing or repairing a fuse box, watch/jewelry repairs, stamp/coin collection, sewing etc. Just switch on the light to give you a hand-free light whenever you need it. The batteries can last up to 30 hours with continuous use and they can be replaced easily. You will be surprised that these glasses are not much heavier than the similar styled ones!


  • It can be used as a normal glasses.
  • Read in the dark without distracting others, this glasses is a perfect solution for reading whenever you need. 
  • No glare from the light as they are positioned at the side of the frame.
  • Ideal for in the car, in flight, camping or just at home in bed, etc.
  • Batteries can be easily replaced (not included).
  • Suitable for both men and women.
Glasses: AC Resin,
Optical frames: PC plastic 
Batteries: 4 x CR927 batteries (not included)
Eye Prescription: +100, +150, +200, +250, +300, +350, +400