Water Jet Toothbrush
Water Jet Toothbrush
Water Jet Toothbrush
Water Jet Toothbrush
Water Jet Toothbrush

Water Jet Toothbrush

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  • Model Number: WP-188
  • It is convenient to connect the faucet.
  • Fast insertion and extraction, it does not affect the normal water use of the faucet.
  • Convenient to brush the teeth
  • Unplug and brush freely without entanglement
  • Insert and spray water to rinse the teeth without using the water cup
  • Easy to carry
  • The nozzle of the brush head can be easily replaced
  • Convenient for family to use
  • Convenient to clean and rinse
  • Connect sprinkler to use as an oral irrigator or water floss.
  • More convenient than using a cup with which you have to fill water.



  • Rinse by touching the gum line and teeth seam and follow the circular track shown here
  • The injector with the type of right-angle shovel, better than this diagonal angle
  • Accurate positioning and washing the slit between the teeth, gingival sulcus.
  • The combination of Scientific dental care combination
  • Brush your teeth in the morning and evening with brush head and rinse the teeth after meals with sprinkler
  • Portable travel design
  • Shatter-resistant and pressure-proof portable case
  • Portable size:18.5*8.8*4.5CM
  • Connect hotel shower pipe to use
  • The shower head can be connected and used all over the world
  • No need to use tooth glass( a glass for mouth-rinsing or teeth-cleaning)
  • Far away from the tooth-brushing cup


Package includes:

  • Brush Head *1,
  • Sprinkler *1
  • Main part(Handle, hose, water head)*1
  • Connections(Water nozzle,2xConversion Heads)*1
  • Accessories(3 Seal rings,Auxiliary wrench)*1
  • Hook * 1
  • PP portable box *1
  • Use books*1